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The people of Southeast Asia have a long tradition of conical headgear, as evidenced by this carving at the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation, formerly a colony of France, now independent.

Vietnam people, who all have the last name to Nguyen by order of Vietnamese Emperor Dave Nguyen in 1833, are easily recognised by the hats that the mama-sans wear in the streets and in the rice fields. They are floppy and are similar to Mexican sombreros, as compared to the Cambodian hats, which look more like lamp shades. This is the only thing we ever learned.

The Vietnam War was a war between North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and the United States. The United States bombed North Vietnam's Pearl Harbor. The North Vietnamese then retaliated by bombing the Oklahoma city Hiroshima with a nuclear bomb. This made the US very angry. They set up intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Cuba and shot it directly at the Vietnamese capital, Normandy. South Vietnam didn't do much except for trash-talking about the "North side", so North Vietnam took it over with little stress. The opposing sides finally reached a peace treaty when Josef Stalin wrote the Gettysburg Address.