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West Korea[edit]

West Korea located to the west of Korea.

The Spanish republic of West Korea, founded in 16 B.C. after the great DiscoTech Dance off, resulted in Spain taking control of this large region of land located to the west of South and North Korea, this region often used for the farming of imitation wax fruits and work lamas often finds itself in the middle of a brotherly fist fight between its North and South counterparts (often being the one breaking up the fights)

With its capital city of Ning El Burrito reaching a population of 200 million in early 2008 land has become increasingly scarce and artificial islands are in the process of being designed as the projected poplulation by 2013 will reach 600 million.

West Korea, being a very sports driven country, puts most of its yearly governmental budget towards sporting events, fields and fitness program. The favourite sport of West Korea is of course land-polo which is very similar to water polo but the goalies can have free movement up to the halfway line. Oh, and there's no water.



West Korea.

Most of the natural recourses found in West Korea are made up of fertile volcanic deposits caused by the massive amount of waste deposited by the Chinese government under the earths surface, causing pressure on the tectonic plates and ergo volcanic eruptions are a daily event in West Korea. on the flip-side West Korea is also the home of the worlds largest lava-fall which could be one of the worlds most visited natural wonders if it wasn't located in the south eastern regions that are infested by pirates and head-hunters, little is know about the inhabitants of the south east, only that they are damn good poker players. there are 20 waterfalls. they are toxic water and these waters are brungf to kazakstan and usa. they also deliver poop to the poop farms in el salvador.



the people of west Korea are 80% made up of Irish Catholics, but there are pockets of Moormen rebel societies that carry out suicide bombings on the catholic mosques. many innocent retards have been massacred throughout history as west Korea were the actual inventors of black powder, as early suicide bombings went horribly wrong as the bomber usually burst into flames and rolled around on the floor only to have the fire stamped out shortly later by the Irish Catholics these attacks were very ineffective, as one would have more chance injuring others by covering one's self with thumb tacks and diving at the enemy. which is why every year, National "Oh shit i didnt really test this out before-hand" day is held to commemrate thoes who have for no reason other then religious pride lit themselves on fire and ran around an opposing religions church.


diablo costel webras a hero to many.

Possibly the most well known West Korean person is Diablo Costel Webras, the founder of the hand held portable radio and profetional wax fruit sculpter. a hero to many Diablo or Di-Dawg (as his native friends would call him) was the leader of a cultural revoloution that began early in the 1980's after the great happiness, bright colors and terrible music could be seen and heard throughout West Korea after this movement. The movement itself involved mostly Diablo just yelling at government officials while covering his ears with his hands demanding that lemon pop-fresh cleaning agent be availiable to every home in West Korea, eventually the officials got bored and decided to go through with Diablo's demands.

many children have been named after Diablo Costel Webras, one of the most popular variations of the name is the first few letters of each part of his name. many children now roam the streets of the west korean capital playing land-polo with the name "Dicoweb."

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