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White trash is the opposite of black trash, but contrary to popular misconception has nothing to do with racism, bad redneck jokes or socio-economic class distinctions.


The term white fuckin idiot originated during the reign of Pope Linus, and his consort Pope Charlie Brown and was made popular by Pope Anacletus. In 64 A.S.E. ( the Anti Semitic Era ), the cultish College of Cardinals gathered at Woodstock, New York for the most famous papal singing competition of its era. With extraterrestrial Ryan Seacrest as the event host, popes cast their ballots by text messaging, which included scribing their choices on sheets of papyrus dusted with an odd white powdery substance. After the white powder was snorted and the ballots were read in secret, the papyrus would be destroyed as a group in a fireplace, because the paper was no longer needed. If there was no clear winner of the election, the smoke coming from the chimney would be black, hence the term black trash. If a Pope had been elected, everyone would hear Clay Aiken scream like a little girl, hence the term white trash or if you prefer "Whiskey Tango".

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