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A wormhole created by a Neptunian Ice Worm.
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Created by inter-dimensional spaceworms, also known as the Prophets, wormholes are mysterious tunnels, particularly common in areas of high Swiss cheese density.

Wormholes are particularly perilous to the average space explorer because they are very dark, as the last explorer to venture into them ( Captain Stephen Hawking ) stupidly forgot to leave the light on for everyone else. They can also cause meltdowns in fusion kittens; to prevent a meltdown, be sure to use de-wormholing tablets.

There has been some speculation that wormholes could be used to to facilitate interspace travel. Space worms are known to be attracted to repeated rhythms, so Drs. Ed and Tom Chemical of the University of Ibiza has been working on a generator for something they call "Block Rocking Beats".

The Light at the Other End?[edit]

As of today, no one knows exactly where it is that wormholes lead, as everyone who has ventured into a wormhole has never come back out again. This has led to much speculation as to where they actually lead.

Many like to fantasize, particularly whilst huffing kittens, that all wormholes lead to Paradise, or 'large amounts of ale', as it is sometimes referred to.

However, the most popular theory to date is that they in fact lead into the farthest depths of Uncyclopedia's Community Portal.