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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Yiddish.

Yiddish vs. Ebonics [edit]

     Ebonics                 Yiddish
     20th century                 13th century
     ghetto English               ghetto German
     started by blacks            started by  jews
     alphabet is graffiti         alphabet is Hebrew 
     subway wall                  wailing wall
     pimping                      money lending

A grammar lesson[edit]

Yiddish? Oy Gevalt! What do you want to know from Yiddish? Oy veyzmir. Again with the questions! No, No, I'm telling you, no. Trust me: to know about Yiddish, you don't vant- ( my vife ) Herman! De kids are essin' already!

Vat? Dæmonica? Vat is this? A goyishe book? Oy! They give you gelt for writing this schlock? What,no gelt? Okay, okay. Stop utzing me, already! Sit. Go on, be a mensch and sit down. Have a cup of coffee or five. Trust me: your tuches will thank you. And it will thank you vhen you get rid of dat feygela life-style of yours. I can hear it from de vay you're speakin'. Oy, anoder broche! Honestly, Adoshem never gets tired of dese. Shpilkes, you have today! Sit! Drink! Become my son-in-law! (my vife again) Herman! De kids are done essin'!

You know vat de secret you Yiddish is? You ready for dis? Okay, Yiddish is basically really bad German vit a lotta "oys" and Z-H's. Dere's tree genders, tree cases, all of vich makes less sense den it does in Doytch. So Mazel Tov! You just leaned Yiddish. Sorta. Vat? Berlitz is gonna investigate my teachin' metod. Feyelach. Oy, more broches. Vat? Ferklempt, you look. Oh, don't be forbissima. I said that to know about Yiddish, you don't want. But you vant, so I need my glasses. Dere. No, dere. Oy. Forget it. Nudnik. You know you still haven't touched your coffee. I'm startin' to have doubts about you bein' my son-in-law. (my vife yet again) Herman! The kids have been done essin' for tventy years now! Michael married a shiksa, Jason's considerin' de papacy, and Rachel's droppin' babies all over de place! Could you come home from your moder's for fifteen minutes to see your grandkids?



Vat? Oh-ho! Well, a lot of chutzpah you have, to tell me I gave you bupkes! Get out of here, you little pisher, before I give you a zetz! Oy! You just hobst gepisst all over my moder's couch. I'm gonna get you I vill! That should teach you not to utz an alter kocker like me again, you momzer. (in an undertone) Oy, de kids nowadays. (me, finally) I'm coming, froy!

Vat? Taged for a stub?[edit]

Oy, vhy would ya tag thiz for a rewrite, I ask? I mean, ve vorked hard on this article, it's got chutzpa! It's a great shtick! Vy would you tag it for as a stub, when it's got so much Yiddish in it? Maybe ve could add some schmeer and make it better. Maybe, I think.

Useful words and phrases[edit]

"Kishmer un tuches!"- I apreciate your opinion. Also useful at celebrations, ie- "L'chiam!" "Mazeltov!" "Kishmer un tuches!"

"You putz!"- You schmuck!

"You schmuck!"- You shmendrick!

"You shmendrick"- You shlimael!

"Faygola"- I think that fellow may be into theater

"Oy, the goyem..."- The "Man" be keepin' me down, yo

"Tsuris" - Heartache so profound it steels me, and thank goodness it will never wear out.

"Nist geytoygn un nisht gefloygn" - disbelief. (It didn't climb up and it didn't fly, ex. Jesus Christ didn't hop up on that cross and he certainly didn't just fly up to heaven.)

"Hunt" - Your mother is gracious and charming.

"Visn tokhter und shtopn."- Don't worry sir, we'll be careful on our date.

"Fress meine knish, zu feygele."- Fetch me a second helping dear.

"Dat's a huge kock!" - The toilet needs cleaning again!

"Gey kacken afen yamen."- Go crap in a sea

Hannuka? Chanucka? WTF?[edit]

Not even the Jews know how to spell it right. We just make up the spelling as we go along, to be honest. A commonly accepted variant is "Chanukcahah", invented by Donald Trump.

Famous Yiddish Speakers[edit]

Weird Al Yankovic
Mel Brooks
John Stewart
John Paul II ( what didn't he speak? )
Oscar Wilde
USB shtick

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