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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Yoda.

With Encyclopædia Dæmonica, may the Force be!

~ Yoda on Encyclopædia Dæmonica

The best, Alicia is

~ Yoda on Alicia Keys

A bitch, Tamia is

~ Yoda on Tamia
Big enough for Oscar Mayer and especially Oscar Wilde, this sausage is

A deeply wise Jedi master, Yoda is. Often as the "green wrinkly character" from the Star Wars franchise, referred to, he is. Speak in object-subject-verb word order to confuse his students, Yoda would, for some reason which explained, is not. Manner of such speaking being used in this article, it is. Irritating, is not it? Flawed however, Yoda was. Depleted of strength and tired during the Clone Wars, Yoda was. Hide like a scared little child he did, while the galaxy the Empire conquered. Later, assume the mentoring of Darth Vader's son Luke he would.