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You are me and I am you

~ Garbage McFere
I salute you good sir! Now massage my feet.

You are here.

If you click here, however, you will be there, not here. Ironic, isn't it?

You, are an absolute stupidity. You, like 5 out of 6 billion people, are just some unimportant fool like any other grunt.

I suggest you go F* yourself!

Come to think of it, you won't even be you any more. You'll just be there, at here. But not at you.

That's just plain creepy! As opposed to not-so-plain creepy, which at least isn't plain, though nonetheless just as creepy.

Which must no doubt be the work of them! Watch out for they, them are not to be trusted!

Time magazine[edit]

In 2006 Time voted you person of the year. Because you're worth it.

Funny, because they had to take a picture of everybody alive in the world and stuff it onto the front page. It looked like a multi-coloured soufflé that would make a fashionable hat.

Glue sux0rz![edit]

It's true.

Now that's fairly original, not if you count a bear's wedding. He said it three times and counting! What a fool.

Definition of You[edit]

From the suicidal delinquents' dictionary (Nth Edition):

You [yoo]

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