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YouTube is a non-pornographic rip-off of the popular "porn" site Xtube, which broadcasts similar, but porn free, videos, and not "ourselves" as the site's slogan promises. Founded in February 2005 by three employees of Playboy, the service mutilates Adobe Flash technology in such a way that it displays video and, more often than not, stupidity. The site claims to have a wide variety of content, including conspiracy theories, copyrighted material, video game videos, hacking tutorials, anime remixes of music videos, cover songs and fake celebrity sightings, annoying whiny emo kid bloggers, ADD infested internet celebrities and parodies that suck. Despite the overall crappiness of the average YouTube video, YouTube is well-known by critics of cinema for being home to some of the best cinematic creations ever, such as pirated clips from good movies and documentaries that are not shown on television (also known as the anti-YouTube).