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Yourboi "Bstar" Bangs is an extraordinarily talented musician, poet and philosopher, known for his complex perspective on life, the universe and everything. As a wordsmith, he is renowned, and considered by many to be the successor to Shakespeare in this field, albeit, an ethnic one. This is shown by his use of emotive rhymes in his Christmas hit "A Christmas Story", with the lyric "Christmas coming real soon / Everybody have good afternoon". This also shows his talent for ironic juxtaposition and political satire, as it strongly contrasts with the ongoing Darfur genocide in the Muslim country of his origin, Sudan, which, funnily enough, does not celebrate Christmas, and most definitely does not have "good afternoon". This deeply emotional passage touches the heart in ways not mastered since the great bard himself. His lyrical style has been compared with John Milton, Wilfred Owen, and Wlliam Blake. His masterful take on the English language is seen in the frequent changes in spelling, oft compared again with Shakespeare, whose use of words was inconsistent, even managing to change the word there to thurr, so it is not he who is wrong, it is the English language which is at fault.

Let Me Take You To Da Movies and Breakthrough success[edit]

Bangs has reached prominance in the music industry breaking into the music scene with his hit song "Let me take you to da movies" which coolly beat the 4 million mark on Youtube without so much as a sweat, which has made him the Sudan's the only major export after asylum seekers. After this hit single, he recorded an album with the previously repected Sony BMG called "Hard 2 Be Up" which is an emotional plea for awareness of erectile dysfunction. The album has since been certified Argos.

Contribution to the Emo Rap Scene[edit]

With # Reh Dogg (singer-songwriter of "Why Must I Cry" - the quintessential emo rap record that any self respecting music lover must listen to - fame), he has become a pioneer of the Emo Rap movement for socio-political change, whereby the power of music will overthrow the diabolical despotic regimes of Central and Eastern Africa. The first song to be regarded as in this genre was "My life is hard" which shows his prominent lyrical genius, showing him as definitely one of the stand out talents to watch for over the coming years. The lyrics to My Life is Hard are thought provoking and do much to speak out against social injustice, corroborating with the view perpertrated in "Im going to da ghetto" (another of his powerful pieces) which calls at the Australian government to do more for the purpose of social integration of cultures.

His massive success can be measured in his 2522 facebook friends. If you are really interested, go here.