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Z the Alien is a Comic Series which was started in 2006 and created by Richard Greenberg. It stars a small, retarded-looking Grey Alien, looking similar to Greys.


Z the Alien

Z is shown as a violent, video gamer, filled with smart remarks. He has a tendancy to destroy things, using weapons and gadgets magically pulled out of nowhere, created by the Evil Russians in 2079.4. Z rejects stealth, thus avoiding games such as Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid.


Z is incredibly athletic, allowing him to do cartwheels and flips. He can lift immense weights, including cars, The Tooth Fairy and even the Mighty Xbox. His aim isn't too good, but since he's trigger happy, he usually kills whatever he's shooting. Z holds a high constitution, and is capable of taking launched rockets straight to the body. He has a weakness for Ice Cream and Cacti, and hates the stupid people he's forced to study on Earth. He has the ability to fly his Saucer Spaceship with master pilot skills.

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