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Because SEX was created by God, it is good. In fact, there are times when it can be absotively wonderful. Your toes curl up and....never mind.

Do not confuse 'sex' with 'gender.' Sex is something that two people who do not share a gender can share; or maybe they can even if they share a gender. Thus you can see how easy it is to confuse the two.

No ... hang on. It's the other way around. Sex is something that people not of the same Sex can share. Gender is a social construct, and sort of coes on a sliding scale. Republican is a gender, as is baby and Femdom. There are numerous gender combinations in which sex can happen.

Married people are the only ones who are legally allowed to have sex. Now you see how nefarious and subtle the Uptight Christian Movement is. If you are not married, you cannot have sex. If you are the same Sex, you cannot marry and therefore cannot have sex. QED.

But God established marriage. It is a contract between two people, who USUALLY but NOT Necessarily are different Sexes, each with a hetrosexual and plain vanilla gender. The state of New York and the state of intoxication have no role to play in a marriage.

Sex was invented by ants. We (humans) are descended from ants, according to the aborigines. Ants have nothing to do with antlers, even though antlers may be used for kinky sex.

If you are male, you will only have sex if you are rich or if you get a female shitty drunk. If you are female, every male you meet between ages 12 and 47 will want to fuck you.