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Graphics at their best.

Since the dawn of time, man has been on a quest for Good Graphics. It has been an arduous journey, and it is one that still goes on today. Many companies, such as Atari, Sega, and Nintendo are on a quest to get Good Graphics. However, despite their best efforts, nobody has been able to get Good Graphics.

Origin of Graphics[edit]

Oldest existing graphics since the fall of the Roman Empire, almost lifelike.

The earliest indication of graphics are cave drawings of simple, crude graphics that date to around 5937 BC. However, some believe that after the fall of the Roman Empire, graphics were lost forever. However, graphics were back by 1776, when, in the Declaration of Independence, it was written that the king of England should "not deprive any man of his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of Good Graphics." However, no other physical proof of graphics exists until 1858, when a runaway slave poster used graphics to depict a runaway slave. These graphics, however, were crude and this style did not change for many years until around 1974, when Atari revolutionized graphics with the Atari 2600 graphics processor.

Are Good Graphics Attainable?[edit]

There is a school of thought, perpetrated by several Ivy-League scientists who believe that mankind will never truly achieve Good Graphics and that graphics should be kept simple lest they anger God.

On the other hand, there are two different schools of thought that think mankind will achieve Good Graphics. These groups severely differ in the meat of their beliefs.

The Realists[edit]

The Realist school of thought, led by three highly respected scientists, maintain that the more realistic graphics become, the closer to Good Graphics they get. This school of thought is also referred to as the Progressive Movement of graphics.

The Simplists[edit]

The Simplist school of thought believes that the more realistic graphics get, the more they become like photographs or videos, which are not graphics at all. They believe that Good Graphics lay somewhere between 16-bit and 32-bit. However, the man who leads this movement is highly sketchy, and most people believe he runs some sort of a cult and wants your money.


1. Each system that is going to come out next is next-gen(short for next generation)((DUH!))
2. Console refers to the gaming platforms used in creating graphics and utilizing them for their true purpose of meaningless entertainment, as well as a few experiments in tactical training (LOL). Yes you're suppose to laugh with me otherwise to explain it would make my head hurt.
4. As long as someone somewhere out there satisfies themself in the pursuit of gaming and wishing for someone else to create better graphics, there will be next-gen graphics to look forward to.
5.Alternately your outdated graphics processor will always SUCK because a new one is going to come out.
6. That's it, good graphics will never be achieved because they can always be better.