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Gone bad, The Force has!

~ Yoda on Star Wars
The Force gone bad!
Look!; A sausage!

Star Wars was invented in some time or another by the perilous Darth Santa. It was orignially created as a computer virus, which it remains to this day. Hackers and nerd everywhere are constantly stumped by it's intense disk infection melee ability and it's high fnurdle output ratio. However, some bum named Luke Ass took the sweet name and made a horrib— I mean flippin' sweet movie series out of it that everyone loves. Everyone. And if somebody doesn't like it, I'll just have to kill them, because I love Star Wars and it is the best.

Darth Santa, however, after inventing the virus, infected his own brain with it, and had his head hacked up by a viral lightsaber. That's right, the virus itself had a bunch of micro-electro-mini lightsabers that hacked the core of someone's DOS system (The virus came around in the late 80's). That means Luke Ass even stole that idea from Darth Santa too along with the name! And the stuff about Darth! What a bastard. I mean, God! GOD! Bow down to him. He made that greatest movie saga ever. See past Featured Articles

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  • ...that Emoticonics, a well regarded and inconcievable science with a rich history and creamy centre, was established in the early eighteen sixty ones by Anonymous and was initially concerned almost entirely with developing a method for the faceless to convey emotion? ;)
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