Catherine Shields

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Catherine Shields is the purest and most wonderful girl in the world, so much so she makes a new born lamb seem like a rapist who kills and eats his victims.

Born in 1854, when The Great Flood occured, Catherine was the one who forced all the animals onto the ark with her great passion for life.

Furthermore, in 1918, she killed Hitler and ended world hunger by sending Tim-Tams raining down from the sky.


While Catherine is a girl that 99% of the population of the univserse truly adore, so much so they will die just to gain a glimpse of her, she does have the rare and occasional enemy.

Some of these include:

  • Tamia Hill
  • Hitler's Ghost - Constantly mad at Catherine for killing him with Tim-Tams.
  • God - Catherine makes him look bad.
  • Jesus - When god gets mad he beats his son.