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I know who you are - LOL!

~ User:Alicia Keys


Another Administrative function.

CheckUser on Dæmonica is a MediaWiki extension used by a small number of trusted users (called CheckUsers) to examine user IP address information and other server log data. The tool is only used to protect Dæmonica against disruption, abuse, or vandalism. CheckUser queries are returned with the applicable log data, but it can require considerable technical knowledge and experience to use the tool correctly. CheckUser data is never released except in accordance with the Uncyclomedia Foundation's Privacy policy, and most CheckUser investigations result in general conclusions (such as account A is, is not, or may be the same as B or C). CheckUser data is of limited use, and a negative finding never precludes obvious sock-puppetry.

On Encyclopædia Dæmonica, CheckUser is entrusted to a restricted number of users who can both execute CheckUser inquiries subject to their own discretion and monitor and crosscheck each other's use of the function.