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United States of America
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A state of the United States of Dæmonica

Iowa ("Eye-ooh-waa")("Idiots Out Wandering Aimlessly" or "I Owe the World an Apology") or Cornland is a hypothetical state of the United States proposed by New England economists to explain the US's unexplained corn surplus. Due to corn's hallucinogenic effects (see corn huffing), all those that would debate against this fact are actually in a hypnotic, delusional state induced by the collective hallucination of Iowa's corn-fumes. In addition, according to studies conducted in my living room, approimately 52.73% of Iowans are involved in the manufacture, sale, or abuse of methamphetamine or marijuana. The many attempts made by the US Government to diminish Iowa's massive hallucinating-orgy were in vain, fun, but in vain, for upon the awakening of the Iowans, the suicide rate jumped up 3 people. After exclusive research, the Highly Experienced Iowan Cosmetologists put in charge of collecting such research concluded that the suicides were, in fact, induced by Iowa's citizens realizing that they were members of Nebraska all along. Unfortunately, the 3 suicides reduced Iowa's population to a remaining 7.

Many myths and legends exist about this land, most of them involving hogs, saurkraut, casinos, meth, Eskimos, and dragons. Recent evidence has come to support these myths as fact, such as the long period of "overflight" during a journey from New York or Washington DC to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Recently, many immigrants moving out of overpriced shit holes such as Chicago, New York and L.A. settled in Iowa. The TV news stations went apeshit over the fact the state gained people, and that the state's social-cultural fabric is changing for the better, largely due to the increased number of classy women.