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United States of America
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ALICIA.KEYS.STATE Avoda-Zara Box Calorington Cheeselen Colorado Connectthedots
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Dakota Delaware Denver Dubyaland East Carolina East Virginia
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Fuckyoua God's Toilet Hampshire Hell Hilton Illannoy
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Indiana Wants Me Iowa Iraq Jalapeño Jersey Kenalagiaippi Kyoto Mayne
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Michigan Microsoftland Minnesnowta Missouri Mucho Rancho Grande State
Nebraska Nevada New Louisiana New Massachusettstan New Michigan
New Piezililand New Saskatchewan Nowhere Ohelloo Oil Oklahoma
Old Alaska Persistent vegetative state Pennsyltucky Pikachusetts Potato
Rhode Island Saudi Oilberta Somewhere Transylvania Texas
Unaware Vermont Virginia West Carolina Wikiland Arkcansaw

A State in the United States of Dæmonica

The Maine[edit]

The Maine was... um... hold on, it's coming to me.

I think it was, like, a Catholic mission in San Antonio that was burned down at some point by some guys. No, wait, that was... something else.

Was it a military base at a harbor in O'ahu? No, I'm pretty sure that was something else, too.

Okay, I've got it. It's a tiny coral atoll in the North Pacific Ocean where some planes got blown up by some guys. Right? No... no, that doesn't sound right, either.

Maybe a building that got crashed into by a plane?

Damn. I swear I knew what The Maine was at some point.

Maybe from some popular movie?

Screw it...

Anybody else want to kill some Spaniards?

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Maine.