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United States of America
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A state of the United States of Dæmonica

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Minnesota ( /mɪnɨˈsnotə/ ) is a disputed region located between the United States and Canada. Currently Minnesota is operating under a power-sharing agreement where the Governor is a Socialist from Canada and the State Legislature is mainly dominated by Republicans from Texas. Every time there is an election, the residents of this region hold their breath knowing that a Nuclear War between the U.S. and Canada could break out at any time should the power sharing agreement not appease its citizens.

The northern part of Minnesota is mainly occupied by Canadians that wish to impose their Socialist agenda on the remaining part of the state. In order to do do this they have attempted to over-run the Metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and impose Martial Law in order to get them to vote with the North. The Southern region has managed to remain aligned with the Texans primarily voting against anything the North likes even if it is in their best interest as well.

Minnesota has a ridiculuous number of lakes scattered among virtually unoccupied regions of land. Most of these lakes attract Canadian Hmongs attempting to fish for the elusive Bullhead. These Bullheads are valued by the Hmong for their meat. Non-Hmong's attempting to fish among the Hmong's often find Hmong's asking if they can have the bullhead the Non-Hmong is about to throw back. This results in extra fish to sustain the population and is the reason why Hmong's always choose to have so many children.

Minnesota also has a relatively diverse population that includes Canadian Africans, African Canadians, Canadian Somalis, Canadian Hispanics, Native Canadians, European Americans, and Texans.