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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Piss?

Tamia, recite the alphabet

~ Teacher

Tamia, you forgot P

~ Teacher

P is the fifty-third letter of the alphabet and is pronounced to rhyme with pee pee. It is preceded by "o" and succeded by "[".


P is the international symbol for indicating the end of a paragraph. in bed. Quite why this is necessary is a mystery. in bed. Come on, if you can't tell when a paragraph's ended, you should be in a tard asylum. in bed. P

P's origin[edit]

P had begun as a human. He was worshiped by many. But he realised humans sucked so he became a letter. P.

Silent P[edit]

A Silent P is actually a wildcard in the English alphabet, it can be pronounced as any vowel at your disposal, most commonly a u or an a.P

Adolescent Boys[edit]

The letter P is 95% more likely to cause a boy to giggle than another other letter. The P's will take over the world!!!!!!P

P and its influence in New Zealand[edit]

The harmless letter 'p' has become the affectionate name for the use of pure methanphetamine or speed in New Zealand. The country looks back in agony to the good ole days when they were just hooked on weed and heroin.P

P arrives from any 7/11 in a crystal form, not unlike crack cocaine. It has a fruity taste, synthetically engineered by the good folks at Nestle to keep the 6 - 16 market secure.P

The world cries for you New Zealand, the world cries...P

Um, wait a minute. Since when was there a 7/11 in New Zeealand?P