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United States of America
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A state of the United States of Dæmonica

VSD.jpg USofD.PNGSo you're driving along Route 95 from New York City to Boston when you suddenly see a sign that says "Welcome to Rhode Island". Two minutes of driving and 50 feet later you see another sign that says "Thank You For Visiting Rhode Island, Please Drive Through Again", and you wonder to yourself "What was that I just drove through?". Well buddy, you just drove through the smallest state in the country.

Popularly known as the "latchkey kid" of Massachusetts and Connectthedots, Rhode Island is legally Boston's largest suburb although to the rest of the United States is a state which is really just the poor, ghetto, bastard cousin of New Jersey. They'd marry and become one state, but they're too moral. And Rhode Island is stuck, well, where it is.

On the positive side, however, Rhode Island County is entirely carpeted, thanks to a generous donation of 4,005 square miles of "casino-style" carpet by the Narragansett Indian tribe in 1982.

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Rhode Island.