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Satan Bunny
The happy couple


Satan out for a Sunday drive

I sold my soul to the Devil for $5. Now I find it hard to walk on gravel.

~ Person

Satan ( Stan. P. Satan ) drives along in a car shaped like an orange. He's a nice guy and always trims his lawn now and again. He's er... pretty down to earth and enjoys nice hobbies such as bird watching, train spotting and burning bodies in his fire. Oh sorry, did I say burning bodies? I meant playing golf. See - Golfing with Satan

Look him up on Facebook and you'll find all the "faces" that he has "booked". See - Stan's Facebook

Satan's true colors[edit]

Fool that he is, he still holds out the better hope for mankind. He has less following, at least overtly, but seems to be the one that is in better sync with the will of mankind. God's will, though powerful, is too coercive and demanding. He has no connection with the rebel spirit that is Man's. Relief does not come from the teachings of a Roman bastard named Jesus Christ. We shall find eternal happiness in a course that directs away from the blood-sacrifice demanding Jehovah. We will attain true perfection by our own devices. We are the ones to set a course for the stars, that being our true Heavenly reward. Eschew Calvary; Reach for the stars instead.