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Uncyclopedia. Junky junky junk

First of all, I would like to say that I am a homocidal psycopath. This is not as edit, this is really the person who wrote this article saying this. Flurgnobgarflex.

To everyone who will listen to me, please do not go here because Uncyclopedia is the worst! None of its entries are ever funny after the first sentence. It is a total piece of junk. Junky junky junky junk! ALL OF IT!!!!!!! I would also like to say first that notice HOW MUCH IT TYPE IN CAPS, USE EXCLEMATION MARKS AND KEEP SAYING SUCK SUCK SUCK AND GHEY SO THAT'S PROOF THAT I'M NOT 12 AND SEEING AS HOW THIS ARTICLE IS FEATURED, YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THE AVERAGE WRITER FOR THIS ENCYCLOPEDIA IS NOT 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For example, it makes fun of India, New Mexico , America, and many other countries. World terrorists who wreak havoc are judged as world leaders! Celebrities such as Bob Saget are treated as dictators! What a load of junky junky junky junky junky junk is this? If you go here that means you are ghey. And if you're ghey, you should probably start kitten huffing to make yourself feel better.

You guys suck. Your ideas about humour are lame. I suspect you all of being sophomoric lower beings, possibly Americans, who still have not tapped into the inner truth of irony beyond that crappy Alanis Morisette song...Seriously, I did not think it was possible, but you are far, far more evil than Jimbo Wales and Wikipedia. Why? Because you are control freak humour FASCISTS. The only purpose for the Uncyclopedia is to let a group of internet fASCISTS spend all their days e-burning e-pages. It's true and you know it. Don't e-lynch me because you are in denial. Have you even heard of Dada? I doubt it. Buttmunchers. Oh. You are buttmunchers. Oscar Wilde? Who gives a shit? Not funny in any sense ever. Your injokes are not funny, not even slightly. Seriously. Zork? Stop masturbating or you'll need brail computers. What's up with you people? Are you high? I WANNA GO HOOOOOME!!!!!!!!


Just a poor imitation of Encyclopedia Dramatica![edit]

What the hell is this? An egg? Who ever heard of a hollow potato? And puzzle pieces? Whose gay idea was that? That's so 1980s! Terrible craftmanship. Seen better Photoshops in fourth grade classrooms full of blind children. Makes me sick.

And what the hell is that logo supposed to be - some sort of snake's egg? What sort of idiot thinks that looks good and by the way it is badly designed. If it is supposed to look like Wikipedia's logo it is just a feeble attempt at copying and copycats are just GaY!! As gay as a burst basketball would look. and What the hell are those featured pictures about. At least Encyclopedia drmatica use proper photographs and have some editing skils! Get photoshop you morons! Do you ever look at what you draw? Microsoft paintbrush became xtinct years ago! And MR. T stopped being funny yaers ago. GET A LIFE MORaNS!

Uncyclopedia is just a less funny version of Encyclopedia DRamaticca(which it copied)! This website isn't funny, at all, ever, in infinity!! They just try to ripoff ED, except G rated with unfunny people! Boring and dumb and all over the place. If Uncyclopedia were a house it'd be a condemned crack house. Who wants to read an article about some nerd's next door neighbor? Not me. Who cares about any of this crap? None of is real and your facts made me fail my history test. You know how wikipedia is useful and interesting? Well, uncyclopedia takes all of those sober, boring writers and gives them a place to attempt to write comedy material after they've been fired from UPN. Do you really want your nerdy classmates doing standup? I don't. Do you really want your nerdly classmates trying to play the Internet equivalent of paintball? The popular kid in school is http://encyclopediadramatica.com - it's actually FUNNY!!!


Dont even get me started on 'kitten huffing'- this is just the sickest of the sick. What sadistic piece of shit came up with that? It might have been good if it was sunny but this is just a lack of intelligence. What sort of xample are we setting for kids reading? YOU guys should be SO SUED. Little immature think-they-are-smart children like me are going to grow up abusing poor little kittens and have warped senses of humor after reading this junk! This so called HUMOR is less fun than watching Barney! I LOVE BARNEY! BARNEY IS TEN TIMES THE DINOSAUR YOU COULD EVER HOPE TO BE! The fact that you abuse my favorite purple dinosaur makes my heart cry. Just a load of cheap jokes and bad jokes that are so over used that they become funny. But only to LOOSERS LIKE YOU. GETOFF THE INTERNET YOU JErkS!!!!!!!

The whole atmosphere is just warped and twisted. Everyone is an asshole. Useless Gobshite of the month? You are supposed to be rewarding good writing and general wikietiquette, not praising idiots who flame other innocent users and vandalise articles! If you ask me all the content on Uncyclopedia is much funnier vandalised. Your hostility towards 'noobs' scares potential new users away, and I am surprised you have more than 50 members! Crappy organisation! Junky junk junk.

A load of nonsense[edit]

Anyone who thinks monkeys are funny is just childish. Or retarded. NOT FUNNY EVER

Everything is just nonsense! incoherent madness such as AAAAAAAAA is treated as 'the pinnacle of literary exfcelence'. The winner of your poo lit surprize was just a freakin blog for Pete's sake! Who the hell are you kdidng? People are alllowed to rant on about how much they hate the barmuda Triangle and YOU THINK IT IS FUNNY when it is just JUNK. There is so much JUNK on this webcite I could sell it on a yard sale! Africa the birthplace of farting? Everyone knows it was Scotland! CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAP CRAP IDIOTS.

It's amazing how you guys lack any sign of intelligence and are completely uncapable of constructing a cynical, sardonic phrase or caption. My grandmotther, who be a teacher, once read your cite and gave it a F.

Your so called 'News' page is terrible! Just 'reporting' on George Bush and monkeys invading embassies is NOT funny! How can you laugh at this? It sucks! It gives me a hadache! HATE HATE HAET! Who edited all this? Some 12-year old on crack? A fifty year old blind man with three fingers on one hand? Eighty year old chinese men in panties? I like old chinese men in panties because they come to my house and dance for me. Anyhow, not like the scientists who carfully craft each Wikipedia article. People actually put care, effort and,most importantly, information, into them wikipedia articles. UNVYCLOPEDIANS just think up random crap and make a web page out of it. That is so NOT cool! :( NOT cool! NOT COOLEVER.

Oh and by the way, did you know that the founder of this wiki named Oscar Wilde is gaY??!?/ I hope you realise that. And because he is gay that means you are gaY to. HA HA HA HA AH HA!! If ya don't believe me just check out his biogarphy! This is just homophobic, humor Nazi nonsense! And none of his quotes are real - just made up ones by some totl nincompoops with no sense of humor! NOT FUNNY AT ALL EVER IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!1!!!1!!11111 JUN JUNK JUNK!

wat da hell?!?!?![edit]

And wat the hell is THIS???!!?!(see below)


THAT IS INDEED AA LOAD OF NONSENSE!!!!!!!!! every article on this website is bat fuck insane, whatever that is. If you don't know this by now, YOU ARE A RETARD!!! As is EVERYONE WHO GOES HERE!!!!! YOU ARE ALL SUCKY RETARDS SUCK SUCK SUCK SUKC SUCK SCUK!!!!!!!!!1!111

Racist Humor Nazis[edit]

How Uncyclopedia has survivd this long is completely beyond me. It should have been shut down by the Internet years ago. Why even visit here when you can just go to Wikipedias Bad Jokes and deleted nonsence page? At least people there have even a trace of a sense of humor! Uncyclopedia is just JUNK JUNK JUNK and CRAP CRAP CRAP CARP CRAPPY CARP!

Why do you hate other wikis so much? Is it because you are jaleous? Talk about racism within wikis! You portray the Average Encyclopedia Drmatica user as an illiterate foolish yokel, when they are clearly much better amd nicer than you. And what have you got against Jimbo Wales? Without him you wouldn't be here. You should be kissing his ass and honoring himm on a daily basis and thanking your lucky stars that he even allows you the honor of copying his site instead of suing the hell out of you.

If you want a good wiki, go to Enclyclopedia Dramatica where thay at least know how to spell, let alone form a funny article. DUMASSES. Uncyclopedipoop is just a pale imitation of it! You are all humor nazis at Uncyclopedia. Just like Hitler. At least ED is funny! Nobody cares about Uncyclopedia because it is just junky junky junkJUNK.


I read an Uncyclopedia article and it almost made me CRy, because I realised that whoever wrote it must have a lot of hate in their heart to think of things like that. I hope you find Jesus Christ. I don't think it's funny, and if you do, you're not entitled to your own opinion ats it is horrible, cruel, and I think it's twisted. I'm sure there are better tings to do with the Internet. In fact I am going to find them and while I am doing that I am going to get you shut down. And copying a site that does such a service like Wikipedia just makes it SIckER!!! I don't know what the point of writing this is, I just feel saddened... it seems like you are all assholes and the world will be a better place when twisted people like 'Jonathos Huang' and 'Jack Thompson' decide to end their miserable existances. FUCKERs!

Reading anything on this site rather hurts my brain than my feelings. You guys are so clueless I'm really not gonna write anymore..........................

ED is better? Hell no!!!11[edit]

Uncy and ED, once again, you're BOTH unfunny CRAP. uncy it's stupid 'cause looks too much like wikipedia you know, at least in those major articles like jews and this stuff you can't mess up with, there are LOTS of things you see someone who LIKES the stuff just run and wrote it with some poor jokes but being gentle before someone could attack and humilliate the beloved shit. you're so unfunny that you got around 1 thousand different articles about hitler, an old old target that everbody hates so you can just write any shit and it will be fun like he's a faggot stupid biééééééetch (wow that's really funny) or other stupid things like micheal moore or "your mother" (wow that's new) and that's what people punch all day. ED it's just TOO agressive with everything and everyone with that stupid admin and LJ shit and in a few seconds you read pretty much everything because it seems that shit just got 5 articles and they're all linked all the time, right sometimes they "got teh lulz" but all in all it's just another virtual close-minded stupid bully bitches based on sex and the same old hitler biéééétch and stupid poles and jesus and in the ass and american political scene and frenchs and your mother. do you know what's funny? anarchopedia.org, because it's fucking hipocrit stupid nonsense and ape-minded that you just got to laugh til pee your paints just 'cause the domain exists. they'd win the context and then cry themselves to sleep. come'on i got a NPOV 'cause i've felt insulted and bored at both. so trust me kids, stop fighting over it 'cause none of you got the best slice of cake. make a rule that whoever makes fun of a clique will be shot. you made me type all this, bastards.

A Trained Scientist Writes[edit]

I am a professional humerologist with a bullet-proof brain. After examining the contents of this "site" I must say that in my opinion it is dangerous, dribbling and probably Communist. I believe that this "site" will cause fine young men to expand in subversive directions. Fine young men, the flower of youth, will be turned into dribbling clowns who run around smashing up dustbins and kicking animals for no good reason. It is for this reason that I cannot recommend this site for approval to the National Council for the Safe Perusal of Jokes.

Uncyclopedia is full of lies[edit]

We at IWETHEY do not find Uncyclopedia funny at all. Uncyclopeida is full of lies, and is part of a conspiracy to spread lies on the Internet. One of our former members who we caught using Sockpuppets on our forum, wrote a lot of articles on Uncyclopedia and contributed to the IWETHEY article that is full of lies about us. Not only is the IWETHEY article completely untrue, but it has stuff that actually happened in real life, and thus it makes it unfunny. It is like seeing a Road Runner cartoon and then finding out that the writer had fallen off a cliff and then was hit by a train and died, just like that character of Wile E. Coyote did. That makes the Road Runner cartoons unfunny, and are really Anti-humor, because the writer died that way. We therefore protest Uncyclopedia as it only feeds the paranoia of our former member that contributed to IWETHEY, and Uncyclopedia admins would not let us blank the page about us that is not funny at all. We feel that we have a right to blank Wiki pages, and that Uncyclopedia took away our freedoms and only promotes lies on the Internet.

Fuck Uncyclopedia[edit]

You guys think your sooo funny, but you are all horseshit. Encyclopedia Dramatica is way better than you fucking douchebags. Uncyclopedia is full of bullshit admins who fucking hate everyone. They deleted all of my pages for christsake! Those were good pages too! You fuckers have nothing better to do with your time than masturbate over Euroipods and make minor edits to shitty articles. I bet none of you have ever kissed a girl. And don't fucking lie and say you have, because I know. And what the fuck is up with the goddamn Cabal? IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY. I get the joke, and I get that it sucks big cock. STOP DRAWING IT OUT. Fuckers. And you guys think you have such clever takes/parodies on people, like John Cage and George W. Bush, but you don't. Those pages, like every page on Uncyclopedia, are a bunch of horseshit. GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS! Uncyclopedia is like someone shit in a hat and decided to call it pie. Or like the aristrocrats. NOT FUCKING FUNNY. NOT ONE FUCKING BIT. You guys can go to hell. Fucking bastards.

THIS ISN'T FUNNY, and neither is ANYTHING ON UNCYCLOPEDIA! I FUCKING HATE YOU! Nothing here is ever funny, except for what I put on here, but that got fucking deleted by menstruating admins who have nothing fucking better to do than sit on their asses all day, edit Uncyclopedia, and watch hentai. Everyone who spends any more time than 10 minutes of their day on Uncyclopedia is a fucking nerd who probably hasn't seen the sun since school let out for the summer. Here's a helpful tip: GET SOME FUCKING FRESH AIR, YOU TURDS! Nobody who is a registered here knows anything about comedy. You douchehats need a constructive activity to do instead of being shitty editors on this shitty excuse for a Wikipedia parody.

I hate Uncyclopedia[edit]

Uncyclopedia is a bunch of shit. You dumbshits think you're hilarious, dontcha? DONTCHA? Well you're not, you fucking faggots! You can all go to hell! For example, there is no quality control here. I mean, COME ON! Euroipods??? Kitten Huffing??? What a crock of shit! Those articles, and many more, are motherfucking tasteless and plain uninformative. I came here from a link at forum for an, and I quote, "alternative to Wikipedia". What I got was an encyclopedia Dramatica ripoff, only less funny. You douchehats should be ashamed of yourselves. Here is a short list of what I know you bastards do all day.

  1. Wake up.
  2. Masturbate to hentai.
  3. Edit Uncyclopedia.
  4. Masturbate to more hentai.
  5. Suck the big cock.
  6. Edit Uncyclopedia more, or maybe make a piece of shit article.
  7. Masturbate more to hentai.
  8. Go to sleep.

You fuckers make me sick.

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