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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about W.
Yes, he knew!


W healing the leper


Fortune hunters standing around near a favored pirate's buried treasure symbol.

W is the Roman numeral for 1337. The Romans used it on their legionary standards to warn their enemies that they were very 1337, and could kick their asses at any game, including killing each other. W also just happens to be the holiest being in existence and is the creator of the universe and all life... all must bow to the power of the W


The copywrited 'W' was clearly duplicated and switched around a bit to make what the defendant claims "...a completely DIFFERENT letter, I tell you!" The jury claimed that 'W' was in fact, a copy of 'M'. 'M' countersued 'W' and W's are now banned from society ( ex: George W. Bush )

Usage Note[edit]

When referring to George W. Bush, the letter is pronounced "Dubya" ( preferably in a thick Southern accent ). Maximum effect is obtained if holding a large calibre rifle and intoxicated or paralysed.